Susan Look Avery

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Project Name:
Kentucky Woman Suffrage

Name of Historic Site:
Susan Look Avery Home (no longer extant)

Event(s)/Use associated with woman/group/site:
Home of Susan Look Avery, an active member of the Louisville Woman's Club and Kentucky Equal Rights Association.



Zip Code:
Street Address: 
332 W. Broadway (originally the home was identified as 847 South Fourth Street)

Associated Organization:
Heyburn Building LLC

Years of Importance:
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Your Affiliation: 
The League of Women Voters of Kentucky

Additional Comments:

Susan Look Avery (October 27, 1817 – February 1, 1915) was a key leader in both the women's club and suffrage movements, as a co-founder of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association, the Louisville Equal Rights Association (later the Louisville Suffrage Association), and the Louisville Woman's Club. She invited American Woman Suffrage Association leaders Henry Blackwell and Lucy Stone to her home when they came to Louisville for the 1881 American Woman Suffrage Association's national meeting (the first national suffrage convention held South of the Ohio River).

Reference source of Information:
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