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Read: Stay up on academic trends and tap into rich veins of material through H-Net’s free, open-access content. Browse and search tens of thousands of academic book reviews at H-Reviews. Visit our scores of moderated, topically-defined academic networks with their own deep threads of content, including blogs, essays, resource lists, and more. Read about recent trends in academic publishing at the H-Net Book Channel and its blog, Feeding the Elephant. See H-Announce and the Job Guide for CfPs, funding opportunities, and more. Check out our Journal of Festive Studies. Track academic podcasts using H-Podcast.

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Discuss: H-Net networks offer moderated spaces for academic discussion of important and difficult issues that are insulated from trolling and other malicious online behaviors. All H-Net networks are overseen by trained and certified academic editors who aim to encourage and safeguard conversation. All comments are vetted before publication, permanent once live, and circulate to large, concentrated academic audiences. See the regular discussions like H-Nationalism’s Question of the Month and H-War’s Hand Grenade of the Week, series like H-Ideas’s Premodern Universities and H-CivWar’s Author Interviews, and the queries and comments that occur across our networks. 

Contribute: H-Net and its networks offer academics of all ranks diverse ways to engage with varying levels of commitment. Start small by contributing comments or a blog post. Or contact a network’s Review Editor about your availability to write a book review (just don’t ask to review a specific title). See our Join H-Net page for advice about how to join a network’s editorial team, propose a project (such as a blog, podcast, or timeline), reboot a dormant network, or launch a new one. If you become a certified editor or board member, look down the road to our elected leadership positions

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