Sound of Her Majesty's Royal Marines: Vol 2

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The recent Hwar post on History of  WW I Music makes for a thought about other musical expressions related to Military History. One, which I had obtained many decades previously, is the included cover to Her Majesty's Royal Marines, Vol. 2. Conducted by Vivian Dunn, this volume does not focus specifically on WW I but includes a number of martial march type music, often a practice and inclusional with military units' marches and displays.

Here, the Royal Marines Sound includes Marche Militaire Francais, Entrance and March of Peers, from the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, Under the White Ensign, of the Royal Navy in 1951, Semper Fidelis [from US Marines] and Army of the Nile from WW II as some marches included.

This type of Music is not from a History book but actual production for listening. Having heard the US Marine Band live, such Music should also be a subject for inclusion in any discussion and understanding of Music and Military History.