Song for 1916 Parade in Lexington - "It's been a long way to Woman's Suffrage"

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Recording of a Suffrage Song that was performed in downtown Lexington during the Fayette County Equal Rights Association's event for National Suffrage Day, May 6, 1916. See details on that historic event -- the largest suffrage parade in Kentucky -- here on H-Kentucky.

The music and singing on Cheapside that morning was led by Mrs. Norah B. Taylor. Mrs. Taylor was an important leader for rallying women's groups around music - see also her name listed in a 1918 catalog for ordering copies of Kentucky suffragist sheet music.

The suffrage song at the 1916 Parade was sung to the popular war-tune of "It's A Long Way to Tipperary" -- here are the words to the suffrage song as transcribed in the newspaper:

It's been a long way to Woman's Suffrage,
It's been a long way to go.
It's been a long way to Woman's Suffrage,
But just see how we grow.
So it's good bye voteless woman,
Farewell to Antis, dear.
It's been a long, long way to Woman's Suffrage,
But it is almost here.

This audio clip was produced by Nick Johnson (piano/audio mastering/recording) and Regan MacNay, College of Fine Arts, University of Kentucky.