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Query: Work on Folk Art/Industrial Design in Socialist Yugoslavia

Dear fellow H-FOLK members,

I am working on a project on the intersection of industrial design and folk arts in socialist-era Slovenia. I am aware of works that address the folk arts in former Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe; the political foundations of modern design in the former Yugoslavia; and style and socialism in the broader region. Local journals of the period include very interesting articles on state-sponsored cottage industries, which flourished in Slovenia from the early 1950s forward.

H-Mideast Politics editor interviewed on Voice of Russia

He's too modest to mention it so I will: H-Mideast Politics editor Kevin DeJesus was recently interviewed on Voice of Russia. A fine example of H-Net editors also being field experts for the networks they edit.

When he's not being sought for his expert opinion, Kevin is also getting acclimated to H-Net's new environment on the Commons (as we all are) and will soon be back in the Editor's seat on H-Mideat Politics.

Patrick Cox

Congratulations to the Winner of the 2013 George and Ann Richards Prize

Thavolia Glymph has won the George and Ann Richards Prize for the best article published in The Journal of the Civil War Era in 2013. Her article, “Rose’s War and the Gendered Politics of Slave Insurgency in the Civil War,” appeared in the December issue. The article was selected for the award by a two-person panel consisting of past Richards Prize winners. The prize earns the recipient a $1,000 award.