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Grad student conference on Asia, University of Minnesogta


CONF Discussions on Asia: The Midwest Graduate Student Conference

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From: Blair Williams <>


The Critical Asia Studies Collaborative at the University of Minnesota is

excited to announce this week's Discussions on Asia graduate student

conference, held April 11-12. We are honored to be a part of the Northrop

re-opening ceremonies, and we will be holding our conference in the

AJISS Commentary: Japan-ASEAN relations


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AJISS-Commentary No.196

"Japan-ASEAN Relations in a Changing East Asian Regional Order" by Mie Oba


University of Kentucky conference


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CONF East Asian Studies at the KFLC, University of Kentucky, April 11-12

From: Luo, Liang <>

Dear List Members,

Please join us at the East Asian Studies sessions at the KFLC: Language,

Literature, and Culture Conference at the University of Kentucky this

Friday and Saturday. Scholars from Israel, Japan, Australia, and the United

States will join University of Kentucky faculty, graduate student, and