Sarah Anne McGarvey

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Kentucky Woman Suffrage

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Lexington Cemetery

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Burial site of Sarah Anne McGarvey (1865-1951)



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833 W. Main Street

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Lexington Cemetery

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Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project

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Sarah Anne McGarvey (3 June 1865 - 20 June 1951) was the daughter of a strict traditionalist Rev. John William McGarvey, President of the College of the Bible in Lexington. Her father preached for many years at the Broadway Christian Church but took his family out of that church in protest of the introduction of instrumental music in 1902. They began attending the Chester Street Christian Church instead. Meanwhile, Sarah McGarvey had studied piano at the National Conservatory of Music of America in New York City and was a pupil of Rafael Joseffy there. She also studied with Moritz Moszkowski in Berlin. She was a music teacher at Miss McElhinny's School as early as 1898 and by 1903 she had been hired to teach piano at Hamilton Female College. She marched with the Hamilton College delegation in the 1916 suffrage parade in Lexington.

Sarah A. McGarvey lived with her parents and various members of her large family, traveling often to Europe, and she never married. She was still working as a music teacher at the age of 74 according to the 1940 census. She was living at the Goodrich Nursing Home in Lexington when she died after a stroke in 1951. She is buried in the Lexington Cemetery near her parents in Section F, Lot 23, Part S

Reference source of Information:
"The Crimson," published by The Senior Classes of Transylvania University, The College of the Bible, and Hamilton College, Lexington, Kentucky. Volume 16. May 1914. Lexington, Ky.: Press of J.L. Richardson & Co., 1914. ; "Directions for Parade Marchers in Lexington, 6 May 1916" H-Kentucky