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Where do I find the most recent H-Net Reviews?

H-Net Reviews are published via individual networks on the H-Net Commons and can also be found under the global Reviews tab on the Commons front page.

Where can I find an old H-Net Review of a particular book?

To search H-Net Reviews, please visit the search page.

How do I get all new H-Net Reviews sent to my email?

Yes, please subscribe to the H-Review listserv.

Does H-Net Reviews have a social media feed?

Yes, all H-Net Reviews are tweeted out via @HNet_Reviews.

Can I respond to a review or have a discussion about it on my network?

Yes, every review has a Reply box below the review text that allows threaded discussion on the network. You must be logged in and a network subscriber in order to post. Please keep in mind that H-Net networks are moderated spaces, so your response is subject to H-Net's posting guidelines. A network editor may reject your post if it does not conform to these guidelines or to accepted scholarly standards of collegiality.

Can I repost a review published on another network to my network?

Yes, all H-Net Reviews are licensed under a Creative Commons license, which means that they can be shared with proper attribution for non-commercial purposes. To repost a review to your network, click the orange Start a discussion button, and then use the Embed a Node button in the edit pane to find and repost the review.

Whom can I contact if I have a problem with a published review?

If you disagree with a reviewer's assessment of a book, you may respond directly to the network by using the Reply box below the published review. H-Net invites civil debate and scholarly exchange, so please keep in mind that all responses are subject to editor moderation. If you wish to contact the network's editorial board, please use the Contact the editors link in the network menu on the specific network's front page. If you wish to lodge a complaint about a review, please contact H-Net's VP for Research & Publications at

How do I become a reviewer?

All reviews published by H-Net Reviews are commissioned by certified review editors through the various H-Net networks. If you are interested in reviewing, please contact the review editor associated with your network(s) of interest. To learn if a network has active review editors, please check the Staff List on the network's front page. (The list of all H-Net networks is here. Click on the editor's name and use the contact link.)

H-Net subscribers can also indicate an interest in reviewing directly in their H-Net Commons profile. This short video details how to fill out your profile.