WLA/Charles Redd Center K-12 Teaching Award

WLA/Charles Redd Center K-12 Teaching Award

by Randi Tanglen

The Western Literature Association and the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies will sponsor two K-12 Teaching Awards to provide teachers with the opportunity to attend the Western Literature Association Annual Meeting in Estes Park, Colorado from September 18-September 21, 2019.

Educational Chatbot Experiences


Has anybody been involved with implementing a chatbot in their higher-education institution? What were some of your challenges? I've been trying to research what the process is on the IT side - configuring the bot, training it on your knowledgebase, installation, integrations with other systems like Banner, etc., but I'm mostly just getting marketing info and promises that it's easy, but would like to know your experiences.  Specifically with any of the popular education focused chatbot companies like AdmitHub, Ivy, YANA, etc.

New Books of interest

Dear H-Borderlands Subscribers,

We have resumed our work in curating the latest titles from the Book Channel that might be of interest to you. Do you want to read about gold rushes at a global scale? What about the work of first responders in the U.S.-Mexico border? Or the design of the legendary Orient Express? Maybe a new perspective on the incorporation of Hawai'i as a state? Or, maybe, about the neoliberal making of a Patagonian enclave?

Scroll down to see all titles! 

Re: Comparative Indigeneities

Good luck on your course.

My own teaching is mainly about indigenous peoples in Asia. You could bring something in as contrast to the usual, tired West-and-the-Rest formula. In Asia, the picture is often very similar to the US, Australia etc. (indigenous peoples' land is stolen; they are discriminated against; their languages discouraged, etc.), BUT there is often the striking difference, that the very "indigeneity" of those peoples is denied -- because that would give them a platform and a voice, distinct from the majority that's oppressing them.

Possibilities for Digital Humanities at Community Colleges

Lisa Spiro posted the slides of her presentation on "Possibilities for Digital Humanities at Community Colleges"  (Digital Scholarship in the Humanities: Exploring the digital humanities, March 30, 2019).

She says that "much of the presentation is built on Dr. Anne McGrail’s work on DH and community colleges."


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