CLOSURE: e-Journal for Comics Studies #6

Open Section

In the fall of 2019, CLOSURE will once again offer a forum for all facets of comics studies. From literary, cultural, media, social and image research to the sciences and beyond: the sixth edition of CLOSURE  continues our ongoing search for the best and most innovative articles and reviews representing the state of the art in comics research. We welcome detailed close readings as much as comics theory and pioneering approaches to the medium — our open section comprises a diverse range of interdisciplinary studies of all things ›comic‹.

“Telling & Retelling Stories: (Re)imagining Popular Culture”

Deadline for Submissions:

Friday, November 30th, 2018


Conference Location/Date:

Wayne State University (Detroit, MI); March 1-2, 2019


The goal of this conference:

How do we think productively about retelling, remaking, and rebooting? What is at stake in recapitulation for developing new imaginaries, new futures? Why, ultimately, are we retelling stories?

New Article of Interest in the Pacific Historical Review

The Pacific Historical Review recently published the following article that may interest H-SHEAR list subscribers:

“‘Unquestionable Geographies: The Empirical and the Romantic in U.S. Expansionist Cartography, 1810 - 1848,” by Jimmy L. Bryan Jr.

This article can be accessed via the following link:

CFA: Change Over Time Journal--9.2 Sounding Heritage, DUE Jan 4, 2019

Call for Abstracts

The journal Change Over Time: An International Journal of Conservation and the Built Environment, published by the University of Pennsylvania Press, invites abstract submissions for the Spring 2020 issue.
9.2 SOUNDING HERITAGE | Guest Editor: Pamela Jordan


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