Re: How Do Publishers 'Really' Decide Whether to Publish Your Book Manuscript?

As one of the list moderators, I regret that you encountered snags while trying to register for this interview event. I myself just registered, using my research project name, and giving my "university" as "Independent Scholar." I hope you'll find that an approach like this will work for you. The registration page does mention that a recording will be available afterwards in case you are unable to register.
Barbara Williams Ellertson

Call for Applications: Summer program for undergraduate/M.A. students from underrepresented backgrounds


The Michigan Humanities Emerging Research Scholars (MICHHERS) program welcomes applications from undergraduate and M.A. students from underrepresented backgrounds who are considering pursuing a PhD in the Humanities.  MICHHERS is one piece of a much larger set of initiatives that we have developed to promote and increase diversity in the Humanities at the University of Michigan.  This all-expense-paid program is designed to interest and inform students about the research opportunities available for Humanities scholars at U-M. 

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