CfP - NATO: Past and Present

In 2019 NATO marks the seventieth anniversary of its founding. Created as a bulwark against perceived Soviet expansionism, NATO became a fixture of the European security landscape, one that anchored the United States in Europe and formed the institutional framework for political and military cooperation between Washington and its Western European allies. NATO helped to keep Western Europe secure, democratic, and prosperous through the Cold War years. The end of the Cold War presented the Transatlantic alliance with a new set of challenges.

Independent scholars who are immigrants find a niche in Brooklyn (comment)


Many people who immigrate to the US (or other countries) have advanced degrees and/or professional experience and training that they are unable to use in their new home country due to regulatory roadblocks or displacement.

The Brooklyn library in New York City has created an opportunity for them to share their expertise  through a program it calls "University Open Air":

Below is a link to a story about the program and to tweets about sessions that have been offered this summer.


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