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International Symposium: Democratization and Conflict Studies

In the second half of 20th century, transitions from authoritarian rule and establishing democratic regimes has gained critical importance for the study of politics in southern and east-central Europe and in Latin America and have also attracted growing interest in sub-Saharan Africa, in various parts of Asia and in all ex-communist countries (Whitehead, 1998).

The Obama plan for Cuba

During the visit of President Barack Obama to Cuba, the plans of the Obama administration for Cuba became clear. The United States is seeking to expand the Cuban class of small entrepreneurs, with the intention that the merchant class will constitute itself as force for political change in Cuba. With increasing ties to US capital, the emerging merchant class would advocate less restrictions on foreign capital, which the Cuban socialist state has developed in order to ensure that the country does n

IPSA-NUS Methods School, Singapore, July 4–15, 2016

The National University of Singapore hosts the fifth annual IPSA-NUS Summer School for Social Science Research Methods, July 4–15, 2016. Highly experienced international faculty teach all courses and provide participants with rigorous, hands-on training in state-of-the-art research methods. This year's Methods School includes fifteen quantitative, qualitative, and formal methods courses, including the following: