Presentation: Podcasting for Academics

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Podcasting for Academics

A presentation presented January 25, 2017 at the Michigan State University Library Digital Humanities Series.

The presentation offered an introduction to podcasting for academics, which can be useful for research, outreach, or pedagogy. Included technical best practices for recording and working with audio files, starting a podcast, and some ideas for what academics can contribute to developing podcasting as a medium.


Great information. I am in my second semester of experimenting with academic podcasts as teaching tools. Many of the ready-made content for textbooks include an "author's corner" which are short video clips of the distinguished scholars who either developed, or collaborated in, the development of a textbook. While the content in the video is tied to key points and learning outcomes for a specific chapter, I have issues with only one historian discussing (for example) the annexation of the Philippines.

This gives students the impression that one authoritative voice is enough and, subsequently, leaves little room for the myriad of voices on a particular theme/topic. Podcasts are a great way to introduce undergrads to the historiography- low stakes activity.

I look forward to interacting with the group.

Dana Brown

Sorry folks, I just discovered that I shared an incomplete version of that Powerpoint presentation a while back, tragically cutting off my favorite slides about equalization and compression! The full version is now up here. Let me know if it's helpful to you.