Pearl Harbor: After 7 December, A Note

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We are about to commemorate the 80th Anniversary to Japan's surprise attack  on the United States and the US Navy, Pacific Fleet, 7 December 1941, Sunday at anchor in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. There were warnings prior to this major cataclysmic event touching off America's entry in WW II, already underway in Europe. 

What came afterwards, including Pres. Roosevelt's and the Congress' formal Declaration of War in the Pacific, changed the course not only of  Naval war and History, but led to eventually establishing the US and the US Navy as the superior Naval power in the world.

A very small part of this History came to my own family the week after 7 December, when my Uncle volunteered for service in the US Navy. He spent the first few weeks following in training, at a time when no one knew whether Japan would contue their opening attack on Hawaii with invasion or even attempting to attack the West Coast in California.

Will leave this and subsequent History of these opening months to others more knoweldgeable and  expert. But there is one phase of that early training would like to mention. My Uncle and his unit were sent to Hawaii in about February of 42[or so] as one of the first reinforcement units to reach Pearl Harbor and Hawaii. Part of their training involved being prepared as Naval Infantry.  They were prepared for possible defense of Hawaii from over the beach .assault by Japan's troops, as US Naval Infantry.                             

 This practice of using Naval Infantry seems to have past in 1959, per the attached description of  the meaning to US Navy Infantry Flag standards.

Uses of Naval Infantry by the US Navy is a historic practice which deserves further  consideration.


7 Dec. 2021: 80th Anniversary

Another thought and note.

Besides the way it was, as movie license to dramatize and entertain[1960], there is one moment seemingly highly direct. Very fortunately Hawaii did not have to find out in 1942 from an invasion.

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