Pearl Chenault Evans

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Kentucky Woman Suffrage

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Richmond Cemetery

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Burial site for Dr. Pearl Chenault-Evans (1867-1946) aka Pearl Thum and Mrs. Pearl C. Drew



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606 E Main Street

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Richmond Cemetery
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Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project

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Burial place of Dr. Pearl Chenault-Evans (1867-1946), a founding member of the Fayette Equal Rights Association. This suffrage club was formed on January 6, 1888, under the leadership of her mother, Henrietta Bronston Chenault (1835-1918) and Laura Clay. See the 1889 roster of Fayette County ERA members includes "Mrs. Pearl Chenault-Evans" who resided at E.K. [Eastern Kentucky Insane] Asylum. Her sister, Dr. Emily "Emma" Chenault Runyon, was also a founding member of the Fayette County ERA. Pearl had  married Dr. Silas A. Evans Jr. (who took over as Director at High Oaks Sanitarium in Lexington after the death of her father, Dr. R. C. Chenault).  Probably due to the influence of the Chenault women, the leaders of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association throughout the 1880s and '90s regularly petitioned the General Assembly to make mandatory appointments of women physicians in the Insane Asylums of the state. Their petition for a bill finally passed in 1898 and became law with signature of Gov. W.O. Bradley. She later married Dr. Mandeville Thum, Jr. (1857-1910) of Louisville on June 17, 1909, in Floyd County, Indiana, then married Edward W. Drew. She was buried in the Richmond Cemetery (Section B, Lot 77) near her parents and brother.

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