[PDF] H-Diplo Essay 126, a State of the Field Essay

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“The Problems and Prospects of Diplomatic/International History”[1]

Essay by William R. Keylor, Boston University

[1] This is a radically expanded and revised version of remarks I presented to the International Security Studies Program at Yale University and to the Sorbonne course of Professor Georges-Henri Soutou. In addition to my gratitude to many people in those audiences for their comments, I want to express my appreciation to my friend, colleague, and neighbor David Mayers for recently reading the penultimate version of this piece and offering his usual constructive criticism. (It is worth mentioning, in the context of the construction of bridges between diplomatic history and political science discussed in this essay, that this esteemed diplomatic historian will soon become chair of the department of political science department of Boston University, a post he held in earlier years).