H-Net Network Pre-approval Questionnaire

H-Net Network Preappproval Questionnaire

The purpose of this page is to inform you about the procedure for creating a new H-Net network and to gather preliminary information for the approval process. Please be aware that H-Net considers its networks to be peered publishing media, monitored by a team of editors and an advisory board as members of H-Net, and created with a mission of service and publication to an online community of professionals and the interested public.

H-Net Network Plan Form

(H-Net's Executive Council must have received and approved of the Network Pre-Approval Form above before you complete this form)

This Network Plan Form enables us to prepare the details of your network configuration and prepare a final proposal for the H-Net Council. Explanations of requirements are in the form. Feel free to seek clarification of any points in question.

We recommend that you gather all of the requested information before starting to fill out this form.


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