Performative practices of Holocaust comemmoration

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Hi, I am researching the uses of ‘performativity’ in Holocaust memorialization. I seek to examine case studies of audience-participatory projects (e.g. artworks, new media, museum exhibitions, performances) which commemorate the World War II and the victims of the Holocaust.

Projects of interest for this study:

- ask participants to perform symbolic rituals and gestures of commemoration; or to contribute with written or oral responses

- present the audiences with an immersive and interactive environment

- re-enact moments from history through  performance

- display other interactive aspects which challenge audience members' perceptions and understandings of the past

I would be grateful if you could recommend examples of works that present any of these characteristics.

Thank you in advance.

Diana Popescu

 Research Fellow

Pears Institute, Birkbeck,University of London