QUERY: Performative practices of Holocaust comemmoration

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Hi, I am researching the uses of ‘performativity’ in Holocaust memorialization. I seek to examine case studies of audience-participatory projects (e.g. artworks, new media, museum exhibitions, performances) which commemorate the World War II and the victims of the Holocaust.

Projects of interest for this study:

- ask participants to perform symbolic rituals and gestures of commemoration; or to contribute with written or oral responses

- present the audiences with an immersive and interactive environment

- re-enact moments from history through performance

- display other interactive aspects which challenge audience members' perceptions and understandings of the past

I would be grateful if you could recommend examples of works that present any of these characteristics.

Thank you in advance.

Diana Popescu

 Research Fellow

Pears Institute, Birkbeck,University of London

Magdalene Gross has published articles in the Journal of Curriculum Studies, History of Education Quarterly, and Intercultural Education on Holocaust memorialization in Polish schools and textbooks, and is expanding her research into heritage tourism, murals, and reconciliation.  She might have some ideas about sources.