Registration Open: Conference on East African Maritime Cultures

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Registration for the conference titled "Early Maritime Cultures on the East African Coast" is now open. Registration and attendance are FREE for all. The conference will be held on October 23-24 2015 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Please visit to register. Please contact Akshay Sarathi with any questions or requests.

Please join us for a series of presentations about various aspects of East African maritime civilizations and culture. This conference will tackle the issue of the origins and development of maritime civilizations in East Africa that continue to have global impact to this day.

The Indian Ocean has long influenced cultures along the East African coast. This inter-disciplinary conference on maritime history will allow scholars from multiple disciplines to present work connected with seafaring in East Africa in any era. The organizers will particularly favor paper proposals focused on maritime developments before about 1500 CE.

Themes of particular interest include:

  • Early instances of maritime activity in East Africa.
  • Lines of evidence available for the study of early seafaring along the East African coast.
  • East African maritime cultures and their connections by sea with other lands.
  • The engagement of non-maritime East African peoples, including foragers, farmers, herders, with the Indian Ocean.
  • Indian Ocean migrations to and from East Africa.
  • Indian Ocean trading systems.
  • The Indian Ocean and the contours of East African cosmopolitanism.
  • Maritime technologies, innovation, and change.

Papers on other themes will be considered, especially those that deal in some way with maritime technologies and practices in East Africa before about 1500.

One of our ambitions is to produce an edited volume, but we cannot guarantee publication.