Jobs: China Country Experts (Economy/Policy) Sought for Paid Contribution to Research on Liberalization (University of Geneva)

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Within a research project (Liberalization - A database) funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, we are looking for a country expert for China. The aim is to collect all policy discontinuities (structural reforms) over the time span late 1970s to 2014 for 12 socio-economic policy fields (“economy”: privatization, finance, corporate governance, income tax, product markets/competition policies; “welfare”: industrial relations, pension policies, unemployment benefits, employment protection, active labour market policies, education (incl. vocational training) and health care.

The country expert (or experts, distributing the policy fields among themselves) is required to possess good conceptual, theoretical and empirical research skills, and to collect data from English and Chinese language sources. Apart from the honorary, scholars working as country experts in this project usually have an intrinsic motivation and interest in this kind of comprehensive and innovative data for their own scholarly purposes. Access to the whole database (30+ countries) will be granted upon the project’s completion.

Honorary: 1000 CHF (approx. 6500 CNY, 910 Euro, 1030 US$)

Deadline: Six weeks upon conclusion of the contract.

Contact:, University of Geneva, Faculty of social sciences; please send an e-mail with China country expert in the subject line, mentioning your research background and your interest in this project.

Notice: the position is no longer available.