Revisiting and Advancing the Gender Mainstreaming Agenda

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October 27, 2015 to October 28, 2015
South Africa
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Women's & Gender History / Studies, Sociology, Public History


In South Africa and elsewhere, the month of August is widely celebrated as "Women's Month". However, although August has since come and gone, the issue of gender mainstream has, if anything, been once again rekindled. From politics to sport, debate, particularly around gender mainstreaming is continuing as gender mainstreaming realities are being grappled with.  For many, foremost in their minds is: to what extent has the gender mainstreaming agenda advanced and at what cost and to whom? For others, especially young millennials, the whole issue is a boggling and complicated none issue.    


In light of the above, two Johannesburg-based consultancies, SRN Business Consulting in association with Comecinc Communications & Strategic Solutions Services are in the process of organising an exciting two-day 'no-holds-barred' seminar that seeks to revisit, explore and review the gender mainstreaming agenda from yesterday to the present day. As such, it is among the seminar's objectives to trace gender mainstreaming from inception, examine gender mainstreaming terminology, provide both evidence based and lived experinces of gender mainstreaming, share best practice recommendations and hopefully give further impetus to the the gender mainstreaming agenda.


The seminar programme which is still in its burgeoning stages shall cover among others, but be not limited to some of the following topical concerns-cum-possible plenaries:

- Just what is gender mainstreaming any way? Inclusivity?

- From yesteryear to today: An overview of gender mainstreaming

-Fact versus Fiction: Responses to gender mainstreaming

- Into the man cave: Women’s experiences of gender mainstreaming

-It’s a man’s world: Men’s experiences of gender mainstreaming

- Does equal mean Identical? Modern discussions around gender mainstreaming

- I beg to differ: the br(others) and sisters on gender mainstreaming

- The aftermath:  Analytical frameworks: Researching, assessing and evaluating gender mainstreaming?

-Soldiering ahead: Best practice strategies to achieving gender mainstreaming...inclusivity?  

- A view from the globe: Millennials on gender mainstreaming and the 21st century vilage.


While speakers from such diverse arenas as politics and sport are being lined up, this announcement also serves as a call for abstracts/papers from all those interested, willing and able to contribute to the programme. Abstracts/papers (if already available) can therefore be emailed in PDF format to the contact details provided. Towards the seminar, once availability, abstracts/ papers have been finalised, the seminar's final speakers/presenters and their profiles will be availed.


Kindly use the contact details provided for booking/registration and seminar fees/packages information. 




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