Gli irredentismi tra politica, cultura e propaganda

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Call for Publications
November 16, 2015
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European History / Studies, Italian History / Studies, Nationalism History / Studies, Political History / Studies, Social History / Studies

The anniversary of the Great War provides an opportunity to investigate the political-cultural movement called "irredentism". During the conflict, the movement changed from being a resource identity of small elites into an instrument of mass mobilization, and remained a major item on the political agenda of post-war authoritarian regimes. The series Tracce. Percorsi internazionali di storia contemporanea intends to analyze the irredentist phenomenon in a broad chronological and geographical perspective, through different case studies in the period from the nineteenth century to the beginning of the Second World War.


We welcome proposals, within a multidisciplinary field, which analyze:


  1. the cooperative or contrastive relations between irredentist associations and nation-states, multiethnic empires and confessional churches, also in a comparative and transnational perspective;
  2. the cultural aspects of irredentism, the essays and fiction produced by militants, the languages they adopted, and the process of invention of myths and literary, iconographic and musical symbols related to the patriotic imagination;
  3. the movement in its social dimension: in particular, the rituals staged during demonstrations and gatherings and the links between irredentist associations and other types of association (sports, recreational, working-men’s, masonic, scientific, political, and so on).


Working schedule

November 16, 2015, abstract submission

November 23, 2015, notification of acceptance

January 15, 2016, full article submission

Summer 2016, publication of the book

The language of the publication will be Italian. Essays may be submitted in Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. The editors will be responsible for the translations into Italian.

For information:


The series Tracce. Percorsi internazionali di storia contemporanea aims to explore new historiographical
debates and new approaches with a supranational perspective. In a world of fluid forms, the study of history
cannot be restrained to its own categories, dealing with time and space, but must adopt a complex vision and
interact with the other social sciences, such as economics, sociology, anthropology, visual and literary arts.
Our ambition is to show the reader the many ways of doing and reading history, seeking to be the starting
point for new debates on the paths of historiographical research.

Series directed by : Elisa Grandi, Deborah Paci
Editors: Luca G. Manenti, Deborah Paci

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Deborah Paci (Ca' Foscari, Università di Venezia)

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