CFP - Panelist for 2017 AHA - depictions of Mexicans in Mexican-American War

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Call for Papers
January 5, 2017 to January 9, 2017
Colorado, United States
Subject Fields: 
Cultural History / Studies, Ethnic History / Studies, Mexican History / Studies, Military History, Borderlands

I would like to put together a panel on representations of race from the Mexican-American War for the 2017 American Historical Association conference and am looking for a third panelists.   My proposed paper would examine the portrayal of Mexicans and Americans in two New York newspapers and how the publishers used racial stereotypes and promoted specific masculine ideals to argue for either complete or limited conquest of Mexico.  The second paper analyzes racial depictions of Mexicans in pictures of Mexican guerrilla violence and U.S. reprisals.  We would prefer a third panelist who looks at the war from the Mexican perspective.  If interested, contact me at:  The deadline to submit the proposal is February 15, 2016.  I’d like to start working on it well in advance.