Invitation Call for Papers: "Now and Then: Historical Understandings in the Humanities"

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Call for Papers
September 15, 2015 to December 20, 2015
Ontario, Canada
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Humanities, Intellectual History, World History / Studies, Research and Methodology, Digital Humanities
Call for Papers
Now and Then: 
Historical Understandings in the Humanities
Graduate Program in Humanities Student Conference
February 19–20, 2016
Black Creek Pioneer Village (York University, Keele Campus)
1000 Murray Ross Parkway,
Toronto, ON,
M3J 2P3

The Humanities Graduate Student Association (HuGSA) and the Graduate Program in Humanities at York University are pleased to announce an interdisciplinary conference interrogating the critical questions arising around historical, contextualized understandings and subjective, humanistic meanings. Critics themselves and their scholarship are situated within the same chronological continuum which includes the objects of their study, so how does time distance and distort (or does it clarify?) our
humanistic understandings and inquiries? As humanists, how to we locate ourselves (or our selves) consciously, historically, in relation to our objects of inquiry? What is the nature of this historical awareness? How does it involve itself in interdisciplinary research? 

Panel themes and topics might include (but are not limited to):
• present or past representations of the past, present, or future
• chronology and its relation to space/landscape (“now” and “then” vs. “here” and “there”)
• transience in media culture (visual, digital, musical, etc.)
• historical displacement (real or perceived)
• distance and/or distortion
• political–ideological transmission
• the nature of historical consciousness/awareness
• phenomenology and historicism
• the nature of legacy or tradition
• critical approaches to methodology

We welcome submissions from graduate students of any level, as well as early career researchers, from a wide cross-section of disciplines, fields and critical approaches, including (but not limited to) adaptation studies, anthropology, art history, classics, communications and culture, comparative literature, cultural memory, digital humanities, education, film studies, fine arts, futurism, gender theory, historicism, history of science and technology, Jewish studies, media studies, nostalgia, philology, philosophy, philosophy of history, philosophy of language, popular cultural studies, religious studies, representation studies, sociology, translation studies, and women’s studies. Interdisciplinary (or multidisciplinary or transdisciplinary) critical approaches are especially welcome.

Submission Information & Guidelines

Submissions may take the form of 20-minute papers, or 12–15 minute roundtable papers in either English or French. Proposals for panels themes will also be considered. Please provide a short description/rationale with the proposed panel. Other submissions, in the form of poster sessions, visual art, or performance, will also be considered.

Those wishing to participate are invited to submit a 300-word abstract to by 20 December, 2015. All submissions must be accompanied by the presenter’s name, e-mail address, tentative title, a short (150-word) bio, as well as an indication of whether any computing or electronic equipment (e.g., laptop, projector) is needed.

All papers, panels, and poster sessions will be reviewed by the executive conference committee and accepted papers will be contacted by the end of December 2015, beginning of January 2016.

For more information about presenting at the conference, please contact Kris Kobold or Tracey Thomas at For more information about registering for the conference and event details, please refer to our website:

Kindly distribute our Call for Papers as widely as possible - we aim to make this an excellent opportunity for scholars of all levels to experience, learn, and mingle with other fellow academics and scholars with a wide variety of perspectives and interests.

Yours most sincerely,

Kris Kobold & Tracey Thomas, Executive Committee Chairs
Representing the Humanities Graduate Student Association & the Graduate Program in Humanities at York University
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For more information about presenting at the conference, please contact Kris Kobold or Tracey Thomas at For more information about registering for the conference and event details, please refer to our website:

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