7th International Symposium on Children at Risk and in Need of Protection: Urban Security and Juvenile Delinquency

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Call for Papers
October 15, 2015
Subject Fields: 
Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Urban Design and Planning, Childhood and Education

7th International Symposium on Children at Risk and in Need of Protection:

Urban Security and Juvenile Delinquency

(Call for Papers)

December 11-13, 2015

Antalya, Turkey


General  Information


Urban security has been an evolving concept contingent upon how it is employed and defined in different contexts and historical periods. This urges scholars to analyze the changing structures and actors (“agencies”) of the urban security across time and space to better clarify what it entails since the very ontological definition of urban security depends on these changing structures and actors.

Moreover, the way in which urban security is conceptualized has a strong effect on how to understand the political economy and the nature of crime across the world, and specifically in Turkey.  The criminal cases in urban spaces of Turkey have mostly affected children at risk and in need of protection.Therefore, any discussion of ‘juvenile delinquency’  should go hand in hand with an in-depth analysis of urban security and urban crime.

            The theme for the "7th International Symposium on Children at Risk and in Need of Protection" is "Urban Security and Juvenile Delinquency". The Symposium is  being held by Police Academy, The Research Center for Crime and Criminology (SAMER) on December  11-13, 2015  in Antalya, Turkey. Within the framework of the dialectical relationship between theory and practice, the symposium aims to bring together professional experts and scholars from different disciplines to discuss the children as both object and subject of the crime in the urban space of Turkey.


Topics for Discussion


  • Juvenile delinquency and urban space
  • The security problem in urban space and children 
  • Urban poverty, security, and children
  • Dynamics of the differentiation of juvenile delinquency in urban space of Turkey
  • Urban space, begging for alms, and children
  • City, refugees, and children
  • Drug addiction and children in the urban space
  • Domestic violence, sexual abuse, and children
  • Urban social movements, police violence, and children
  • Health and children in the urban space 
  • Child labor and crime


Schedule of Key Dates:

-          Deadline for Proposals (paper or poster): October 15, 2015(The abstract must be at least 600 words and not exceed 1200 words. The abstract must contain the subject, aim, theoretical framework of the paper and the information of the field survey. The institution, title, and contact information of author(s) should be noted in the abstract)

-          Paper proposers are notified of final results: October 25, 2015

  • Deadline for the submission of the original paper: December01, 2015   (it is planned to publish the symposium book before the symposium date)
  • Conference dates/city:December 11-13, 2015/Antalya, Turkey


e-mails for submission of paper proposals: samer@pa.edu.tr ,  samersempozyum7@gmail.com        

The Program Committee:

  • Ahmet Erkan Koca
  • Ayşe  Çolpan Kavuncu
  • Aslıhan Küçüker Yıldız
  • Yakup Şahin

Note: Those whose paper proposals are accepted will be provided with the accommodation and traveling expenses through the Symposium budget (only main authors). Other participants will be provided with only accommodation expense through the Symposium budget.

For further information please visit: www.pa.edu.tr 

Please send conference related inquiries to:  samer@pa.edu.tr or                                                                                              samersempozyum7@gmail.com

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