SAWH Mentoring Committee’s Inaugural Coffee-Circle Meetings

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Call for Volunteers
September 30, 2015
Arkansas, United States
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American History / Studies, Human Rights, Slavery

Historians attending the 2015 Southern Historical Association’s Annual Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas will have the opportunity to participate in the SAWH Mentoring Committee’s inaugural coffee-circle meetings.

The SAWH is facilitating informal meetings at the annual SHA conference among scholars conducting research in common areas (for example: Women in the American Revolution, slave hiring, the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi, Whig politics in the antebellum south, women’s property law, etc).

The circles are meant to be informal and require no reading or writing, but are merely a group of people who are all working in the same area of research who would like to work out problems, float ideas, generate discussions, or share ideas around a common theme or question.  Whether or not the circle members choose to further develop these relationships outside of the SHA conference is up to them.

If you would like to participate in scholarly coffee circles please submit your circle ideas to Emily Margolis at by the end of September. After we receive proposals, we’ll send out an email announcement listing the proposed circle topics and asking people to sign up for a circle in mid-October.  Once the circles are formed, the mentoring committee will send an email of introduction to each circle – putting the circle members in touch with one another. Members of each group will decide on a time and place to meet that best fits the group members’ schedules. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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Emily Margolis, SAWH Mentoring Committee Memember

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