"Place": The 11th East-West Philosophers Conference

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Call for Papers
November 1, 2015
Hawaii, United States
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Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology, Cultural History / Studies

CFP: "Place": The 11th East-West Philosophers Conference

Humanity takes up space. In this, humanity is no different from other species. Humanity also purposefully transforms space, but is not unique in doing so. Other species also reshape the spaces they occupy to serve their purposes. What seems to be uniquely human is the disposition to qualitatively transform spaces into places that are charged with distinctive kinds of significance. For the 11th East-West Philosophers Conference, we are inviting panels and paper proposals related to the theme of "Place." Of special interest are panels and papers that explore how places emerge through sustained, shared practices of mutuallly-responsive and mutually-vulnerable actors. Subthemes might include:

  • the place of the personal, including issues of identity construction and privacy
  • place and culture, including considerations of how cultures shape and are shaped by relationships with natural and built environments
  • places of pilgrimage, including places charged with political or cultural, as well as, religious significance
  • places of memory
  • places of mediation, including social and mass media
  • place and the political, inclduing places of justice and of both conflict and peace
  • trading places, including the places of entrepreneurship and concerns about equity in economics
  • the place of philosophy

The 11th East-West Philosophers Conference will be hosted May 25-31, 2016 in Honolulu, HI on the adjoining campuses of the East-West Center and the University of Hawaii, Manoa. We welcome both paper and panel proposals, including proposals on the conference theme from outside the discipline of philosophy. Proposal abstracts of 200-300 words should be submitted via the contact email provided below by November 1, 2015. For more information, please visit the conference website. We look forward to welcoming you to the Islands.

Conference Co-Directors: Roger T. Ames and Peter D. Hershock


Contact Info: 

Dr. Roger T. Ames, Department of Philosophy, University of Hawaii, Manoa

Dr. Peter D. Hershock, Asian Studies Development Program, East-West Center

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