Call for Book Chapters. Mater Dolorosa: The Representation of the Blessed Mary in Literature and Art Extended Deadline October 1

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Call for Publications
October 1, 2015
United States
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Religious Studies and Theology, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Fine Arts, Literature, World History / Studies

In today’s complex world religious discourse is especially crucial, considering that secularism is expanding around the globe. We seek contributions on the representation of the Virgin Mary in World Literature and Art. Comparative approaches are always welcome. Religious and cultural literacy is important for domestic and international politics, the practice of peace, harmony, justice, and social prosperity. Thus, this edited volume will help diminish religious illiteracy. Universitas Press has agreed to publish this edited volume. Contributions are welcome from scholars in various disciplines in the humanities. Please send your proposals, along with your CV by October 1, 2015, to Elena Shabliy

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Editors: Elena Shabliy, an Interdisciplinary Scholar, 


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