International Conference on ‘Population Ageing and Social Change’

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This is to announce that CIRAG (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Ageing and Gerontology), University of Burdwan, Burdwan, West Bengal, India will hold its First International Conference at University of Burdwan on ‘Population Ageing and Social Change’ on 23  –  24 January, 2016. The collaborating partners of the conference are CIA (Centre for Innovative Ageing), Swansea University, Swansea, Wales, UK  and Bankura University, Bankura, West Bengal, India.

Please find below the concept note of the conference:

CIRAG (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Ageing and Gerontology)


Population Ageing and Social Change’


Gerontology is now a global phenomenon. The development of this discipline within India has lagged behind the Europe, North America and Australasia. This has primarily been because India has been characterized by a demographically younger population. But recently the Department of Human Resources and Development, Government of India has taken positive initiatives in this regard and advised the University Grants Commission to promote interdisciplinary study programmes on Gerontology.

Globally, the population is ageing. The proportion of the world’s population aged over 60 is likely to double by 2050 increasing from 11% in 2000 to 22%. Within Europe, more than one third (37%) of the population will be 60 years and older by 2050. Currently in Wales (UK),  16% of the population is aged 65 years or more. The study of populations that have already ‘aged’ can teach us important lessons especially valuable for those at earlier stages of population ageing.

Population ageing occurs as the result of changes in birth and death rates. Death rates decline as urbanisation and industrialisation lead to improved literacy, living standards, and social and occupational mobility. However, it is declines in fertility rate that primarily drive population ageing. As mortality declines improvements in life expectancy lead to further increases in the proportion of older people in the population. These demographic changes are observed in Asia, Europe and USA.

This conference seeks to explore cutting edge themes across the interdisciplinary range of gerontology and CIRAG intends to provide a platform for disseminating multiple issues relating to Gerontology.

This conference is expected to cut across disciplines and will address, though not strictly limited to, the following issues:


  • Ageing and Social Transformation
  • Ageing and Support Network
  • Ageing and Care Homes
  • Gendering Gerontology
  • Ageing Populace and Demographic Change
  • Migration, Urbanisation and Ageing
  • Poverty, Ageing and Economic Sustenance
  • Ageing and Social Exclusion
  • Gerontology and Human Rights
  • Narratives and Gerontology
  • Cultural and Literary Gerontology



Deb Narayan Bandyopadhyay

& CIRAG Team


Important Dates:

Deadline for sending abstracts: 15 September 2015

Deadline for sending full papers: 31 December 2015


Email for submission of Abstracts / Full Papers:

Abstracts / Full Papers may also be sent to:



Registration Fees:

National participants: Rs 1500

International participants: 150 USD

Registration Fees includes conference kit, lunch and tea/refreshments during the conference.


T.A. / D.A.

The conference team would not be able to provide support for travel to Burdwan for the conference.


Accommodation for outstation participants

As we are organizing this conference on a low budget, we encourage the participants to make their own arrangements for accommodation. Should you need any support in this regard, our conference team will be happy to help. A list of hotels around the conference venue can be provided on request. You are encouraged to make your own booking with the hotel using the contact details provided.


Contact Information

Dr. Sarbojit Biswas

Associate Professor

Bankura University

Bankura, WB, India

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