Call for Papers - Conference "Police Science at the End of the Old Regime From theory to practice"

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Call for Papers
September 30, 2015
Subject Fields: 
European History / Studies, Law and Legal History, Public Health

This conference is aimed at studying the acceptance of modern police practices regarding public order. The most recent historiography on the police is focused on analysing acceptance and circulation of police knowledge and practices in Europe, abandoning traditional explanations almost exclusively based on national frameworks and focusing more on the organisation and operation of umbrella institutions. As a result of these new approaches, it is now known that the concept of police was based on spaces where it was implemented and on policemen’s perception of their competences and methods for putting them into practice. Following this approach, this conference aimed at providing an idea of surveillance devices used as well as economic and social experiences implemented at the time. How did police sciences defend population and territorial management? Or rather, how did they propose to encourage economic development and demographic expansion? And what were their ideas of Public Happiness? How were similar ideas embraced?

The conference is organised into the following topics:

 I – Ideological assumptions and approaches for action by police in Europe

II – Territorial and population control: development and use of knowledge

III – Intendencies and criminality: individuals and reclusion institutions

IV - General Police Intendency of the Court and State of Brazil; a different identity?


Organising Committee: Prof. Laurinda Abreu (Évora University / CIDEHUS), Maria Luísa Gama (CIDEHUS) and Christelle de Monserrate (CIDEHUS)



30th September 2015

Deadline for submitting proposals

15th October 2015

Reply regarding admission of proposals

1st November 2015

Publication of the programme

November 2015

Registration period

14th and 15th January January 2016

Conference Police Science at the End of the Old Regime: from theory to practice

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