The Architecture of HBCUs: Principles, Legacy, and Preservation

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November 5, 2015 to November 6, 2015
Maryland, United States
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African American History / Studies, American History / Studies, Architecture and Architectural History, Social History / Studies, Urban History / Studies

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This event will promote current scholarship concerning the social context, legacy, and preservation of the built environment at HBCUs like Morgan and others around the country. Seen as the first step of a larger academic initiative, the symposium will bring together scholars and professionals to discuss the history of HBCU’s architecture, their campus planning, and the landscape architecture which connected both. The tension between an institution’s architectural legacy and its vision for the future characterizes many places of higher learning in the United States; this symposium will, therefore, address specifically the competing roles of preservation, conservation, and new construction at today’s HBCUs. Our goal is to establish the topic in its own right and to attract participants from a wide range of institutions.

Symposium topics will include the unique characteristics of HBCU campuses, the special achievements of African-American architects on those campuses, and the significance of HBCU buildings listed or eligible for listing on the National Register. Special attention will be given to projects built during the watershed years of Modern Architecture in the three decades following World War II.

Keynote Lecture: “The Black College Campus as Living Archive -- Recording the Struggle to Democratize Education in America,” to be delivered by Prof. K. Ian Grandison (University of Virginia)

Session Leaders: Dr. Adrienne Brown (University of Chicago), Dr. Charles Davis II (UNCC), Mr. Arthur Clement, AIA (Independent Scholar/Architect), Prof. Dale Green (Morgan State University), Dr. Ellen Weiss (professor emerita, Tulane University)        

Other Panelists & Presenters: Dr. Mark Barnes (Morgan State University), Dr. Hazel Edwards (The Catholic University of America), Mr. Sidney Evans, Jr. (Morgan State University), Prof. Roderick Fluker (Tuskegee University), Misti Nicole Harper (University of Arkansas), Prof. Gabriel Kroiz (Morgan State University), Brent Legg (National Trust for Historic Preservation), Dr. Ali Miri (National Park Service), Dr. Alfred Willis (Independent Scholar)

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