Palgrave Communications: Mediated Populism – call for papers

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Palgrave Communications, the humanities and social sciences journal published by Palgrave Macmillan, is currently inviting article proposals and full papers for the following special issue:

Mediated Populism
(Editor: Dr Michael Higgins, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK)

The papers published in this collection will examine the relationship between populism and media culture and practice. In its original conception, populism describes a political alignment with the ordinary people against the interests of the governing, cultural and corporate classes. It assumes that formal elites are dedicated to self-enrichment and the retention of power, and only the aggressive animation of popular interests can counter their protective norms and tactics. This article collection promises to examine mediated populism as it continues to innovate in a multi-modal media setting and amid shifting political circumstances.

Research should make a contribution to the understanding of mediated populism and its histories. Contributions that expand the study of populism across new contexts and political movements, and encourage an emphasis on emergent media platforms, are encouraged.

Deadline for proposals: August 1 – although we encourage authors to submit proposals sooner if possible
Deadline for submission: November 1
Authors who would like to submit a paper should contact the editorial office with details of their intended submission at:

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