Seeking Panelists for AHA 2018: Obama's First Post-Presidential Year

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I'm searching for fellow panelists, a chair, and a commenter for a panel at the American Historical Association Annual Conference in 2018. The panel, tentatively titled "President Obama's First Post-Presidential Year in Review" will evaluate Obama's first year as an ex-president in comparison with his historical predecessors. The goal of this panel will be to consider Obama's post-presidential activities in light of what his predecessors accomplished in their first year after leaving the White House. Where’s post-presidents once basked in the bliss of retirement for a few years as they wrote their memoir and sought after some well-deserved rest, President Obama is now in a position where he must actively protect the legacy of his administration from the incoming Republican President Donald Trump and the Republican controlled Congress. His first post-presidential year will likely be unprecedented in activity as he writes his memoir, meets with congressional leaders, fights to protect his administration's accomplishments, and campaigns for the 2018 midterm elections. 

Please send your proposed paper title and abstract to no later than 1 February so that we can submit our application by the 15 February deadline. 


Cody J. Foster

PhD. Candidate and Presidential Fellow

Department of History

University of Kentucky