You are invited to the Symposium on the 19th Century Press, the Civil War, and Free Expression, November 10–12, 2016

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Symposium on the 19th Century Press, the Civil War, and Free Expression

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Please contact Symposium Director David B. Sachsman: (423) 425-4219,

Thursday, November 10: The Read House

4:00–6:00 p.m.  Opening Remarks: David B. Sachsman, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

"U.S. Foreign Correspondence in the Dawn of Trans-Atlantic Cable News: Episodic Reporting of the Killing of a French Journalist in Paris," Becca J. G. Godwin, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"The Role of Newspapers in Alabama's Redemption Election," Matthew C. O'Neal, Auburn University

"'To sustain untarnished the honor of our State': Southern Honor, the Press, and Mr. Polk's War," Brett Richard Bell, Washington State University Tri-Cities

"'A newspaper is a collection of half injustices': Stephen Crane's Public Persona in The New York Times" Joyce Caldwell Smith, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga             

6:00–7:30 p.m.  Dinner at The Read House (By Invitation)

"That Demon Defiance: Banned but Still Persistent, the Slave Trade through American Newspapers, 1851–1866," Thomas C. Terry, Utah State University and Donald L. Shaw, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

7:30­–10:00 p.m.

"Southern Intrigues and Northern Suspicions: Newspapers as Open-Source Intelligence During the Secession Crisis, 1860–61," Michael Fuhlhage, Wayne State University

"They May Be More Useful Within the Walls of Their Prison: Coverage of the Trent Affair in Southern Newspapers," James Scythes, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

"Blood, Electricity & Ink: Tracing the Transformation of Journalism in the New York Times," Simon Vodrey, Carleton University

Panel: "Custer: Comparing the Reality and the Myth"

"Remembering Little Bighorn: From Vengeance to Entertainment," William E. Huntzicker, St. Cloud State University

"Illustrated Ideology: Fact, Fantasy and Custer in the Pictorial Press," John M. Coward, University of Tulsa

"Little Big Myth: Press of George Armstrong Custer at the Washita," James E. Mueller, University of North Texas

"Custer: The Man and the Myth," David B. Sachsman, UTC (Discussant)

Friday, November 11: University Center

9:00­–12:00 p.m.  Raccoon Mountain Room

"Political Reporting and Access to Local Government Information in Antebellum America," Debra van Tuyll, Augusta University

"Turn Their Back on the Fire: Prelude to Civil War through the Electoral College and the 1860 Presidential Election," Thomas C. Terry, USU

"Free State of Jones: Myth, Legend, and Hollywood," Nancy McKenzie Dupont, University of Mississippi

"The International John Brown: The Global Contestation of the Memory of an American Martyr," Gary Sellick, University of South Carolina

"Down in Dixie: The Reverend George W. Bicknell, the 'Tough Old Fifth,' and the Post-Civil War Lecture Circuit," Crompton B. Burton, University of Maine

"When the Chinese Came to Massachusetts: Representations of Race, Labor, Religion and Citizenship in the 1870 Press," Mary M. Cronin, New Mexico State University

"Exploring the Lifecycle of Conventions of Breaking News in the Nineteenth Century: Disaster Reporting on the Virginia City Fire of 1875," Katrina J. Quinn, Slippery Rock University

12:00–1:30 p.m.  Luncheon in the Chickamauga Room (By Invitation)

"The Press and Slavery in America, 1791–1859: The Melancholy Effect of Popular Excitement," Brian Gabrial, Concordia University, Montreal

1:30–3:30 p.m.  Raccoon Mountain Room

"'Be Yourself, Simple, Honest, and Unpretending': William T. Sherman and the Sin of Pride, 1821–1865" Richard Junger, Western Michigan University

Panel: "The Election of 1860 and the Fall of the Great Republic," Brian Gabrial, Concordia, Montreal (Moderator)

"The Platform Collapses: Politicians, Conventions, and Editors and the Death of the Democratic Party," Brian Gabrial

"Separation of Church and State? Maybe Not so Much: The Catholic Press and the Election of 1860," Joseph Marren, SUNY Buffalo State

"Drawing the Election: Editorial Cartooning and the 1860s Press," Jennifer E. Moore, University of Minnesota Duluth

"The Unquiet before the Storm: Republican Editors and Editorials on Secession in the Months between Lincoln's 1860 Election and His Inauguration," Gregory Borchard, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"Raymond's Opinions, Lincoln's Duty and the Disintegration of the Union," William E. Huntzicker, SCSU

3:30–6:00 p.m.           

"Immigrants and the American Civil War: The Views of the Allgemeine Auswanderer Zeitung," Niels Eichhorn, Middle Georgia State University

"'We Are Killed All the Day Long': The African-American Press, Death, and the Legacy of the Civil War," Ashley Towle, University of Maryland, College Park

"The Cycle of Imagination and History…Suffrage Stories," Paulette D. Kilmer, University of Toledo

Panel: "Bold Adventures across the Continent and Around the Globe: Gilded Age Adventure Journalists and their Exploits," Lee Jolliffe, Drake University (Discussant)

"'The First Bold Adventure in the Cause of Humanity': Stanley's Adventure Journalism on Finding Livingstone," James E. Mueller, UNT

"'I turn my face westward tomorrow': Adventure Reporting from America's Western Trails and Rails, 1860–1880," Katrina J. Quinn, SRU

"Publicity Stunt or Legitimate News? Press Coverage of Nellie Bly’s Race Around the World," Jack Breslin, Iona College

"Jack London and the Genesis of his Writing Life," Joseph Marren, Buffalo State

6:00–7:30 p.m.  Dinner in the Chickamauga Room (By Invitation)

"At the Movies: The Celluloid Civil War," David B. Sachsman, UTC

Saturday, November 12: University Center

9:00–11:30 a.m.  Chickamauga Room

"'A Letter from the Flowery Flag Nation': The Chinese Shipping List & Advertiser's Reports on the American Civil War (1862–1865)," Simon H. Sun, Harvard University

Panel: "Verbal and Visual Challenges to Political Leaders' Masculinity, 1854–1861," Andrea R. Foroughi, Union College (Moderator)

"No Back Bone, Sir, All Dough': James Buchanan, Doughface Democrats, and Manliness in Northern Print and Political Culture, 1854–1861," Brie Swenson Arnold, Coe College

"'Old Buck,' Bachelor Buchanan and 'Mrs. Buchanan': Emasculating James Buchanan in Political Cartoons, Prints and the Press," Andrea R. Foroughi

"'Oh, for an hour of Jackson!' James Buchanan and Abraham Lincoln during the Secession Winter," Evan C. Rothera, Pennsylvania State University

"Curiosity Shop, Toy Department, and Beyond: The Development of Visual Baseball Journalism in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper and How Best to Study It," Scott D. Peterson, Wright State University

11:30–4:30 p.m.  Discussion continues while the group visits Chattanooga's historic Civil War sites

4:30–6:00 p.m.  Dinner at Sticky Fingers, downtown Chattanooga

Sponsored by the West Chair of Excellence, the UTC communication and history departments, the Walter and Leona Schmitt Family Foundation Research Fund, and the Hazel Dicken-Garcia Fund for the Symposium. All paper sessions are free and open to the public.