Latest Open Access Issue of Democratic Theory (Vol. 9, Issue 2)

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The latest Open Access issue of Democratic Theory has published! This special issue is about political protest and democratic order.


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Volume 9, Issue 2


Editorial Introduction

Protest and the Democratic Order: A Research Perspective

Danniel Gobbi, Laura Gorriahn, Daniel Staemmler, and Christian Volk


Research Articles

Beyond (and Before) the Transnational Turn: Recovering Civil Disobedience as Decolonizing Praxis

Erin Pineda


The Sovereign Awakened: A Radical Democratic View on Protest

Oliver Marchart


Reform, Transformation, Emancipation: Conceptualizing Political Protest in Modern Democracies

Christian Volk


Reconceptualizing Democratic Innovation: “Democratic Innovation Repertoires” and Their Impact Within and Beyond Social Movements

Cristina Flesher Fominaya


The Duties to Protest and to Listen to Protest: Communicative Resistance, Enabler’s Responsibility, and Echoing

José Medina


Theorizing Reactive Democracy: The Social Media Public Sphere, Online Crowds, and the Plebiscitary Logic of Online Reactions

Paolo Gerbaudo


Book Symposium

Karuna Mantena, Adom Getachew, Sofia Näsström, and Jason Frank


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Please visit the Berghahn website for more information about the journal: