Call for Papers: Politics and the Economy

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Call for Papers: Politics and the Economy

The Marine Corps University Journal is looking for manuscripts to consider for its Fall 2016 issue, and we are especially interested in acquiring several articles focusing on the economic impact on politics and policy. A review essay on appropriate titles can be submitted or proposed also. Articles are due by March 31, 2016 and will be considered for the Fall issue or other issues depending on the responses to the call.

We are interested in diverse perspectives on the economy in terms of:

  • Global or regional economic problems that require international intervention
  • U.S. economic policies that have failed/succeeded that could direct future policy
  • U.S. partisan debate over economic policy
  • The effects, intended or unintended, of the refugee crisis and migration
  • Economic impact of U.S. immigration policy changes
  • The economics of putting boots on the ground

The journal is now indexed by EBSCO, OCLC Article First, JournalSeek, IBZ Online, British Library System, and Lancaster Index to Defense and National Security Literature. Our subscriber list includes policy makers, academics, and military advisors interested in contemporary issues with policy implications. Thus articles should be directed at educated, nonspecialist readers.

If you are interested in contributing on this topic or have a manuscript on another topic that you would like considered, please contact Alex Kindell, the acquisitions editor, at New professors, independent scholars, and advanced graduate students are encouraged to contact the editor.

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