Seeking panelist, moderator for NWSA, Minneapolis

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Three panelists are seeking a fourth presenter and a moderator for our proposed session on the topic of women and politics, as broadly defined, at the National Women's Studies Association conference, Nov. 10-12, 2022 in Minneapolis. Presenters must be members of NWSA (or join) and register for the conference. Deadline for proposals: April 15.

Our draft session title is Women's Politics: Finding a Way Out of No Way. 

A draft description: Exclusion from conventional modes of political participation and expression propelled women to alternate roads and pioneering actions in pursuit of justice. This session explores women’s initiative and leadership in politics in a broad sense, highlighting the resilience and creativity needed especially for destroying the confluence of sexism and racism. Following the conference subtheme of the activism and advocacy required to “burn it all down,” speakers explore multiple modes of action: Black women persevering in truth-telling despite a lack of response. Unsuccessful attempts at an all-inclusive non-discrimination law that led instead to Title IX. How women who are denied a voice under a more repressive government still speak truth to power. Looking closely at these examples and building on the work of scholars such as Danielle L. McGuire (At the Dark End of the Street), Carrie N. Baker (The Women’s Movement Against Sexual Harassment), Serena Mayeri (Reasoning from Race), and others, this session asks: How do women find “a way out of no way” to justice?

Want to join us? Or want to know more? Send an abstract or your questions to sherry [dot] boschert [at] gmail [dot] com

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