Decommissioning H-Quilts

On February 21, 2017, H-Net Council voted to de-commission H-W-Civ. The network has been largely unused and ran without editors an extended perios of time. Rather than continuing attempts to revive an unused network, we suggest H-Quilt’s 574 subscribers join our much larger and active networks in related fields.

Kentucky Historical Society Churchill Weavers Fellowship

The Kentucky Historical Society (KHS) is home to one of the finest weaving archives in the nation—the Churchill Weavers collection. Comprised of more than 30,000 handwoven textiles and related weaving and business records, this collection promises to enrich many areas of scholarship and exhibition research, especially those related to labor history, the history of 20th century capitalism, material culture, and the history of Appalachia.

New publication

I have recently published a book on the history of quilting, titled The History of Quilting: From Ancient Egypt to 18th Century Provence (2016, Zephyrus Scholarly Publications). This is Part I of a scholarly study that will include the history of quilting from antiquity to the present. For information, please visit http://zephyruspubl.com and click on Our Publications. Thank you, Lilian Zirpolo

New H-Net Profiles and more


H-Net is happy to announce a few new features. 

Your Profile on H-Net now has a field for Dissertations and Theses in progress. H-Net Profiles are searchable by name, email, and interest, and people do look so we encourage you to fill in your profile. 

Thank you, From H-Net

Dear H-Net Readers:

As our fall appeal comes to a close, all of us at H-Net wish to express our heartfelt thanks to the many readers who have contributed during the past few weeks.  Your gifts go directly to our program services, helping us to staff our help desk, make improvements to our web resources, and develop new features that leverage the tremendous talent pool of our hundreds of volunteer editors.


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