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iEnglish Journal aims to publish original and thought-provoking peer-reviewed articles on topics relevant to the broad fields of language, literature and communication. The Journal is committed to tackling the most pressing issues across all aspects of language, literature and communication. Ours is a strong commitment to raising the stock of research equity by encompassing a broad and inclusive approach to language, literature and communication. Interdisciplinary research founded on the said field is the prime focus of this Journal. 


iEnglish Journal grants home for open scholarship, rigorous peer review and fast publication. All submissions to this Journal will be evaluated on the basis of their academic and methodological validity and robustness of research. As an open-access journal, all articles will be immediately and permanently available for authors and readers to read, download, cite and share. Authors may choose their choice of Creative Commons licenses to decide how readers distribute and copy their works.  


Eclectic in its approach and international in its focus, iEnglish Journal is apt flexible regarding the choice of content ranging from works of ancient to modern era; open to a broad interpretation of text and culture.  As this Journal intends to cater to a wide cross-section of interests and backgrounds, it places a priority on simple words, lucid academic style and clear writing. It is determined to extend a platform where different disciplines and approaches met together, and serious discussions and intellectual exchanges among researchers and academicians flourish. We believe that the best research deserves high-profile dissemination. Hence, we invite original write-ups.  



iEnglish Journal prioritizes and encourages the submission of research articles; often interdisciplinary encompassing the field of language, literature and communication. In addition to scholarly papers, the Journal invites contributions in the form of book reviews, and conference proceedings. And all the contributions must adhere to the prescribed guidelines. 


  • Contributions should be written in English and may vary in length from 3000 to 8000 words. 
  • Articles must include an abstract in about 150 words and keywords   Reviews should not be more than 1500 words.  
  • All contributions must adhere to the MLA style sheet (8th Edition) with short biographical information. 


Please note that while we do make every effort to respond to submitters in a timely manner, the peer-review process can take between one and three months. We read submissions year-round. For more information, please feel free to contact


[The editorial team is seeking support from every quarter. Those willing to join us as reviewers and active members of the editorial board are welcome!]



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Dr. Shashibhusan Nayak