QUERY: Need advice for digital exhibit

Kathleen Logothetis Thompson Discussion

I need some advice on an exhibit I am planning. My dad's business is theatrical spotlights and he has a collection of historic spotlights (and documents). He was asked to put together an exhibit for display at a convention in November and I am helping him put it together. Because of space limitations (both the size of the booth and the size of the artifacts) it does not make sense to put together a physical exhibit of text on signboards, etc (he is going to have the spotlights running so people can move them, there would not be space for easels, and there are no walls to hang signage). So, he was thinking of doing something digital. He has touchscreen monitors and he was wondering if I could put together a digital exhibit that people can interact with. Is there a program to do something like this? I was thinking of something like Omeka, but without internet. Any advice for where I should start?

If you have any ideas please email me at klogothe@mix.wvu.edu.