Around the Field for March 14, 2017

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Around the Field

Below are this week's listings of professional opportunities in public history.  For links to full details, visit the NCPH blog, History @ Work:


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Canadian Historical Association Public History Prize for 2016 public history work, broadly defined

US Congressional Research Grants


“Money and Banking Museums: from display to engagement,” XXIV ICOMON conference – Sept 3-6, 2017, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Gentrification & Preservation: A Reappraisal” – Oct 12-14, 2017, Newport, Rhode Island, US

“Museums of Cities and Contested Urban Histories,” CAMOC Annual Conference – Oct 30-31, 2017, Mexico City, Mexico

“Heritage, Decolonisation and the Field” – Jan 26-27, 2018, London, UK


Cemeteries and Historic Preservation: Workshop and Tour – April 8, 2017, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Public History Boot Camp – “Find Your Perfect Match: Grantmakers and History Organizations, Perfect Together” – April 10, 2017, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, US

“Ceramics Up Close,” Hands-on Study Days at Winterthur – April 20-21, 2017

Oral History Training Institute at the Chemical Heritage Foundation – June 12-16, 2017, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Southern Foodways Alliance 2017 Oral History Workshop – July 16-22, 2017


New from Rowman and Littlefield/AASLH: Introduction to Public History: Interpreting the Past, Engaging Audiences (Lyon, Nix, and Shrum)

New from Channel View: Tourism and Memories of Home: Migrants, Displaced People, Exiles and Diasporic Communities (Marschall, ed)

Review of Paper Cadavers: The Archives of Dictatorship in Guatemala (Weld)



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