H-Midwest Roundtables

H-Midwest Roundtables are a regular feature on H-Midwest. Each Roundtable introduces a subject or question in the field and a selection of thoughtful responses solicited from experts in the field, H-Midwest's Board, and responses to general calls. Roundtables are syntheses of current thinking on a subject and introduce a few new ideas and serve as starting points for discussion. Subscribers are invited to join the roundtable by replying to any contribution. At the end of each set of contributions is an open forum for thoughts on the roundtable subject generally.

Editors are scouring the field for new topics. These will include general topics, news events, books, and other subjects in or impacting Midwestern Studies. To offer suggestions or to organize a roundtable of your own, please write us at editorial-Midwest@mail.h-net.msu.edu.