Primary Sources, Colonial Public Health

Dear All, 

I am preparing a syllabus on medicine and empire and am looking for suggestions of primary sources (in English) to be used in class pertaining to public health measures and campaigns in 19th or early 20th century empires (including U.S. colonies).  I am particularly looking for sources related to criminality and/or reproductive health.  Any suggestions of individual sources or sourcebooks will be greatly appreciated; visual sources such as photographs would be helpful as well.


Lance Thurner

Rutgers University

Public Program: Mac icon designer Susan Kare, May 8 at NMAH

Graphic designer Susan Kare has been called the “the Betsy Ross of the personal computer,”  the “Queen of Look and Feel,” the “Matisse of computer icons,” and the “mother of the Mac trash can.”  Kare is best known for designing the distinctive icons, typefaces, and other graphic elements that gave the Apple Macintosh its characteristic—and widely emulated—look and feel. Since then, Kare has spent the last three decades designing user interface elements for many of the leading software and Internet firms.


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