Accessing WHO Project Reports from the 1950s

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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a WHO project report from their mission in Burma in the 1950s. Here is the reference:

Postmus (1957). Final Report on Nutrition in Burma. WHO Project, Burma.

I've tried finding it on WorldCat, but there is nothing listed. I've also emailed the WHO library, but haven't heard back from them.

I just wondered whether anyone had any leads on tracking down these types of reports without having to make an exploratory trip to Geneva.

Thanks for your help.

Eric Schneider


Dear Eric,

The best place for these reports usually is IRIS, WHO's digitised institutional repository:

Unfortunately I did a search and didn't get a hit for the actual document, though you may find matches in the text of other documents (particularly those relating to the South East Asia Regional Office).

WHO has done a good job at digitising a lot of documents and putting them on IRIS, but alas, a lot of things are still in the physical archive in Geneva. The WHO archives may be able to help.

Best regards

Christopher Sirrs, University of Warwick