Call for panelist, Scientiae Conference

Mackenzie Cooley's picture

We seek a third presenter to join a panel on “Physiognomy and Natural Temperament in the Renaissance World” at the Scientiae conference in Minneapolis on May 16-19, 2018.

In the sixteenth century, scholars and naturalists became increasingly convinced that physical characteristics could predict behavior and personality. In an age of acerbic religious divides in part due to the role of free will in human salvation, papers will trace to what extent physiognomic ideas were condemned or accepted as they spread throughout Europe. We are also interested in understanding how these theories were instrumentalized in the colonial context.

Fellow panelists include Alessandra Celati (Stanford University/Università di Verona) and Mackenzie Cooley (Stanford University). If interested, please send a title, CV, and 100-word abstract to and by November 24; we will respond to you later that day.