Seminar: Sluga - Is There a Politics of Scale? - 30th January 2020

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Thursday 30th January 2020,  4 pm (Central European Time, UTC/GMT + 1)


Glenda Sluga (The University of Sidney / European University Institute)

Politics have always been involved in questions of historical scale. Sometimes the politics are more obvious—at 
no time more so than a century ago, when scientific internationalism encouraged an emphasis on global 
intellectual communities and the universal foundations and reach of scientific ideas. In this paper I will 
survey the relatively long history of global and international-scale history. In an era when even Europe seems
radical as a spatial point of interrogation (whether because you think it should be provincialized, or 
just politically cauterized), questions of scale have returned as an urgent matter.

Place: Institut interuniversitari López Piñero - València, Spain


SCALE & STRING: SCIENCE, PLACE AND HISTORY Seminar series full program:

Josep Simon
Ramón y Cajal Research Fellow
Curator Museu d'Història de la Medicina i de la Ciència
Institut interuniversitari López Piñero
Universitat de València
Pl. Cisneros 4
46003 València (Spain)