Postgraduate Workshop at 4S 2019

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The 4S 2019 meeting in New Orleans is fast approaching and so is the annual 6S workshop! This year's workshop, inspired by the conference theme, will involve three sessions: 

1. Innovation: a panel of 4S rockstars highlighting some of the innovative programming of the 4S meeting and how to push your scholarship beyond conventional forms.
2. Interruption: a hands-on exercise in designing scholarly venues, such as conference events, that interrupt taken-for-granted modes of thinking and sharing among colleagues.
3. Regeneration: another superstar panel discussing how to enliven STS scholarship and praxis both within academic settings that don't have established STS programs, as well as in our local/virtual communities.

The 6S workshop will take place on Monday, September 2nd, from 10am to 5pm. The workshop is free to 4S student members and lunch is included! If you are interested, please fill out this google form: 

We have room for about 40 graduate students (PhD/Masters programs or equivalent), and sign-up is first come first served. If you are interested BUT know you cannot make it on Monday, please STILL fill out the form as there is a question at the bottom asking about alternative availability. 

Questions and comments: please email Margarita (, Aadita (, and Katie (