References on Catholicism and Technology (19th and 20th centuries)

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Dear members,

I would appreciate any leads on fundamental texts (articles/books) that one would have to refer on Catholicism and Technology in the 19th and 20th centuries. It would be great if any specific texts on Catholicism and Technology in the global South could also be suggested.


Joseph Satish

University of Hyderabad, India

All of Ivan Illich's writings touch on Catholicism either directly or (more so) indirectly. A good starting point is Cayley's "Rivers North of the Future," which I think is Illich's last first-person "testament." Probably because the interviews came at the end of his life, he puts into express terms some of the theological concepts that were elided (if not altogether obscured) in his earlier works. You can find plenty of reflections on Catholicism (or Christianity, anyway) and technology in his earlier works, but I think Cayley's interviews are the best starting point.