Funded PhD Studentships in Medical History/Humanities at Newcastle University, UK (deadline 9 Jan 2019)

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Funded PhD Studentship Opportunities in Medical Humanities at Newcastle University

Newcastle University hosts a flourishing multidisciplinary medical humanities research network, involving participants from History; English Literature; Fine Arts; Creative Arts; Modern Languages; Archaeology; Classics; Music Studies; Media, Culture and Heritage; Sociology; Health and Society; Medical Education; Bioethics, and Marketing and Business. We have collaborators in the University’s Library and Special Collections, which contains a rich array of source materials that could be used for medical humanities research. We are pleased to announce that the AHRC Northern Bridge Consortium for Doctoral Training Partnership (NBCDTP) annual studentship competition has launched (, and invite individuals interested in pursuing medical humanities doctoral research at Newcastle to consider applying for funding under this scheme.


The NBCDTP provides tuition fees and £14,777 per annum funding for 42 months. Award-holders may extend their studentship to pursue an approved research training programme or to undertake a placement by a further 6 months, and successful applicants can apply for additional funding during their studentship to support their research costs and individual training needs. In addition to the standard PhD pathway, students can apply under the collaborative doctoral pathway, through which applicants develop a research project in collaboration with a partner organisation, and spend a substantial portion of their doctoral study at the partner organisation.

We encourage individuals who are interested in developing an application under this scheme at Newcastle University to attend the masterclass on 10 December 2018. This event will provide information designed to help applicants maximise their chances of success in the competition, and details of how to sign up are available at:

Projects can be interdisciplinary, or based within one discipline. Potential applicants are also invited to identify and contact potential supervisors by looking at the subject pages which detail supervisory capacity. These are located at:

·       Archaeology

·       Classics and Ancient History

·       Creative Writing

·       English Literature

·       Fine Arts

·       History

·       Music

·       Media and Cultural Studies

·       Political Science and International Studies

Further supervisory expertise can be located in The Institute of Health and Society. Anyone requiring additional assistance to locate a potential supervisor for a medical humanities project under this scheme, or who is interested in pursuing medical humanities doctoral research in a subject not listed above, can contact Dr Vicky Long (

Applicants wishing to be considered for NBCDTP funding at Newcastle must submit their application for postgraduate study at the University by Wednesday 9 January 2019; the results of the competition should be announced on Friday 22nd March 2019.

In addition to the NBCDTP scheme, the Wellcome Trust’s Doctoral Studentships scheme ( provides tuition fees, a stipend and research expenses for researchers wishing to undertake humanities or social science doctoral degrees in any area of health. This competition will open for applications early in 2019 with an anticipated deadline of 28th March 2019. We encourage individuals interested in pursuing doctoral research in Medical Humanities at Newcastle under this scheme to identify and contact potential supervisors.